Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For more information please see the Amateur and Professional Handbooks which cover a range of topics in detail, from the licence/registration application process to holding an event, as well as medical requirements.

The BCAC currently oversees the following disciplines in BC:

  • Professional boxing
  • Professional mixed martial arts (MMA)
  • Amateur kickboxing
  • Amateur mixed martial arts (MMA)
  • Amateur Muay Thai
  • Amateur pankration

All contestants participating in amateur or professional MMA or professional boxing in BC must be 19 years of age or older. To compete in amateur kickboxing, Muay Thai or pankration contestants must be 16 years of age or older.

  • Professional
    • For more experienced individuals. Minimum age 19
    • For those wishing to arrange and promote professional events
    • Contestants and officials are financially compensated for their participation
  • Amateur
    • For all levels of experience. Minimum age; 19 for MMA, 16 for all other amateur disciplines
    • For those wishing to arrange and promote amateur events
    • A level at which any financial compensation for contestants is only through purse winnings

Please note: Once a contestant has competed as a professional (i.e. received payment for participating in a fight) it is not possible for that individual to return to amateur competition.

  • Promoter – An individual or organization that is organizing and promoting an event
  • Matchmaker – An individual who arranges matches between contestants
  • Contestant – An individual that will participate as a fighter in an event
  • Second – A ringside attendant (trainer, coach, cut man etc.) also known as corners
  • Note: Seconds only need to be licenced at the Professional level
  • Official – A judge, referee, timekeeper, or scorekeeper
  • Room Supervisor – An individual who supervises/monitors dressing room activities, escorts fighters to the ring and provide general assistance at events.
  • Event Permit – A permit issued by the BC Athletic Commissioner sanctioning an amateur or professional event to be held in British Columbia.

Only professional licences and event permits (except for judge and referee) are subject to an application fee. As of July 2013 and stipulated by regulation these are as follows:

Licence TypeApplication Fee
Professional Contestant$40.00
Professional Second$20.00
Professional Promoter$120.00
Professional Matchmaker$50.00
Professional RefereeNo charge
Professional JudgeNo charge
Professional Timekeeper$20.00
Professional Scorekeeper$20.00
Professional Event Permit$100.00

When applying for a contestant, second, official licence or registration you should allow at least 30 days before an event. For a promoter or matchmaker licence or registration event permits you should allow at least 60 days before an event. However, please be aware that processing times can vary depending on how busy the event calendar is and the number of applications received.

All licences and registrations are valid for one year, except for room supervisor and amateur official registrations which are valid for three years each.

In certain circumstances the Commissioner may revoke a licence for example in cases of serious misconduct.

All contestants, once approved for a professional licence or amateur registration, are also entered into the ABC Certified Registry and assigned a national ID number. This is a unique number which is recognised throughout North America and facilitates better matchmaking through the maintenance of more accurate fight records.

Background checks may be conducted to determine your eligibility for licensing. You may be ineligible for licensing if you have been convicted of a criminal charge in any province, territory, state or country that is related to your suitability to be licensed as a contestant or your behaviour is considered, on reasonable grounds, to be a detriment to the integrity or lawful conduct and management of professional contests in the province. When completing your application you will be asked to give the Commissioner authorization to allow the police or other public bodies to release relevant information.

The BCAC strongly recommends that all applicants keep a copy of the documents that they submit when applying for a licence or registration. Should you need to obtain a copy of your medical examination, eye examination, blood test results or Criminal Record Check from the BCAC, you must complete a Request for Information Form.

The BCAC will only send personal information to the individual to whom it relates, via the email address on file with the BCAC office.

Information relating to contestants, seconds, promoters , matchmakers and officials is stored securely in the form of hard copy, paper files and/or electronically. The latter is stored either internally or at data facilities in the US.