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Advisory Notification
Please read the following advisory note and take all necessary precautions prior to engaging in close contact with competitors
Due to the increasing number of skin related diseases appearing at gyms amongst combative sports competitors, physicians who will be carrying out pre-fight exams will be particularly vigilant at detecting such infections.
Skin infections of concern include fungal infections, herpes infections, and bacterial infections ( in particular MRSA/staphylococcal infections ).
Such infections can propagate easily and can be quite debilitating. They can cause fatigue, sepsis, blindness and other ailments some of which may be life threatening.
If such infections are detected, they likely will prohibit a fighter from competing.  
It is recommended that if any rash appears it needs to be addressed at least 1 week prior to the event. Any later and adequate treatment may not be possible and the fighter will not compete.
It is also recommended that any fighter that has a rash at least bring with them to the pre-fight exam any prescription that they are using to treat it AND a letter from their physician stating the diagnosis and date when treatment was initiated. They should also bring with them an adequate semipermeable occlusive dressing , just in case the examining physician determines that he/she can compete with a dressing applied. This is only appropriate for some skin diseases.
If you have any other skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, bring a letter of clearance from your physician.
As it may not be possible to determine the type of rash at the event – the fighter may be disqualified from competing.